Things you need to know about a Winter Soak

Things you need to know about a Winter Soak
June 28, 2018

Has a winter soak been on your to-do list for the weekends or holidays yet? A hot soak in the natural mineral hot springs will not only help to accelerate the circulation but also help to soothe dry and irritated skin.  Here below are some things and tips you need to know about Winter Soak.


1.    In winter, it is likely that the temperature of the hot springs is higher than the body temperature. This helps the blood circulation in the body, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to each part of the body. The natural minerals will soothe dry and irritated skin as well as tired muscles and nerves.
2.    A hot soak can ease body pain and improve the flexibility of collagen tissue. Compared to normal water, hot spring water has greater buoyant and hydrostatic pressure. This helps to support body weight and release the pressure on the human body, hence soothe the pain in muscles and joints.
3.    A hot soak before bed is the best way to keep warm for the rest of the night. Not only will it relieve stress and improve quality of sleep but also it will provide lasting warmth as the potassium helps heat to penetrate deeply.
4.    In the natural mineral water, silica as a natural exfoliant will soften skin while sodium bicarbonate helps to soothe eczema and itches.

Get prepared:

  • Water or Electrolyte drink to keep hydrated.
  • Togs and Towel or robe, to keep hygienic and warm.
  • A sealed bag to keep phone, camera and glasses dry.
  • Some snacks to keep up your energy after your soak.  

Tips when having a winter soak:

Time limit
The temperature of a 34℃~36℃ hot pool is effective in easing tension, a 37℃~38℃ hot pool helps to release vascular spasms and soothe tired skin, a 39℃~42℃ hot pool is best for detoxication and increases blood circulation. It is recommended to hop out of the pool every 10 to 15 minutes for your own well-being.
Keep hydrated
As heat from a hot soak tends to dehydrate you, drink fluid from time to time to help you have a healthy soak. Alchohol can increase the process of dehydration, therefore it is unsafe to have a soak after drinking alcohol. 
Get out slowly
The blood vessels in your body parts that are submerged in the water can expand due to the heat. To avoid dizziness or a headache due to circulation inefficiency, keep it slow when changing position in the pool or getting out of the pool.
Dry body straight away afterwards
In order to keep the warmth, dry your body straight away after the soak. Applying some lotion will help to lock in skin moisture better.

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