Taupo DeBretts is preparing for long holidays

Taupo DeBretts is preparing for long holidays
December 13, 2019

Summer has arrived in Taupo. Beautiful weather and stunning views indicate the busy season for tourism is just around the corner.

Pre-season upgrades at Taupo DeBretts is taking shape now. Every department has undergone either big or minor improvements to guarantee the best ever experience for our guests.

The camp is looking fabulous with emerald green re-grassed sites. The highly-praised facility block is functioning better for guests after some interior enhancing work.

Down in the valley, the waterpark is refreshed with a new coat of paint on outdoor pools, indoor pools, and of course the beloved dragon slide.

A piece of graffiti-art at the top slide tower is ready to surprise riders.

New in-ground solar lights shine along the driveway from the top to the pools when it gets dark. Meanwhile, a major electric upgrade is completed.

It might have been noticed by recent-visiting guests the new display board in front of the private pools. It is in memory of those who had made a valuable contribution to Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs, who is looking at the future with respect to the past.

The popular Living Waters Spa has stocked up new products with festive and summer features. Two new pedicure chairs arrived for the treatment rooms offering higher-grade comfort for guests.

Savour café organized a successful staff Christmas party last week. Staff members and contractors enjoyed the relaxing night and were well-energized for the coming busy season.

All objectives have been mainly completed by staff members with their excellent skills and talents. A big thank you to the Taupo DeBretts team and all the tradespeople for a great job. Taupo DeBretts is looking forward to hearing feedback from guests and wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.

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