Shamanic Healing Sound Journey

Shamanic Healing Sound Journey
Saturday, 3 August 2019 07:30PM to 09:15PM

A Sound Journey is deeply relaxing, uplifting and healing experience.

Will and Claire-Jeanne take you on an inner journey guided by the sounds of crystal and Tibetan bowls, shaman drums, a gong, voice and other instruments; weaving healing energy into the sacred sound vibrations.

Sound affects every single cell of our body and specific drum beats, as well as the vibrations of the gong and the bowls, help us to completely relax and let go, so you can let yourself be guided by your higher self and tune in with different aspects of you.

This will be an opportunity to connect with your power animal, your spirit guides or your higher self more consciously, and get answers and insights to pressing questions you might have about your current life situation. 

At the same time Will and Claire-Jeanne use their healer abilities through the sound waves to get deeper results of clearing energetic blocks and trauma you might hold on cellular level.

You will spend most of the time lying down so that you can fully relax and are open to receive healing, guidance and inspiration. 

It really can be quite a profound experience so aim to flow in to a relaxing evening to really extend and enjoy the benefits.

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Bring your mats, blankets and cushions so you can make yourself comfortable and at home in the space.

This event will sell out, so book your ticket fast: