We need your help for Angie

We need your help for Angie
March 8, 2018

Angie Davis, the mother of three, is a long time staff member of Taupo DeBretts as a therapist, born and raised in Taupo, New Zealand. She has recently has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (Cancer of the Kidney) which has metastasised to her liver and is now affecting her lymph system.

Angie has opted for alternative healing options and treatment for as long as she can. This involves a major lifestyle change starting with a high dosage of Vitamin C via intravenous infusion twice a week. 

"I don't want to leave my children, I can't leave them...I want to live", says Angie.

We are doing what we can to help Angie, and we invite you to join us by donating towards her treatment. 

To donate, click here to help our special Angie 

Any generous funds will be used to support Angie and it is really appreciated.

Meanwhile, as a part of the fundraising, a Slide Ball Race is running every Friday to Sunday at Taupo DeBretts Hot Pools. Also on Friday, 23rd March 2018, there will be a big fundraising event held at Hot Pools' BBQ area. Everyone is welcome to enjoy us. 

Companies who decided to join us on this journey:

  • Orakei Korako
  • Ernest Kemp Cruises
  • The Adventure Centre
  • Taupo Bungy
  • Taupo Times
  • Ski FM
  • Number One Shoes Taupo
  • Tom Short Motors
  • No.1 China Restaurant
  • Timeless Taupo and Lake FM
  • Kissa-Kai Licensed Cafe & Restaurant
  • Chris Jolly Outdoors

A big thank you guys, you are amazing!

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