Taupo DeBretts is Finalist in HAPNZ Predator Free Award!

Taupo DeBretts is Finalist in HAPNZ Predator Free Award!
July 20, 2018

Recently, Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort applied for the HAPNZ Predator Free Award and proudly became one of the finalists along with other outstanding businesses. The Winner will be announced on the 26th of July

Being a part of the Predator Free Initiative, Taupo DeBretts has been dedicated in setting up, monitoring and optimizing constantly our trapping system as well as being active to inspire other parks to be aware of the importance and value of the Predator Free initiative. We are also involved in the partnership with other businesses to act together. We are extremely proud of our results so far and are now part of the larger community taking a stand to protect our native wildlife.

We see this as part of an environmental journey and it's exciting to keep thinking of new ways to further these aims, which are not only good for us as a business but for the future of the planet.

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