Lilliput Caravan club - 30 years anniversary !

Lilliput Caravan club - 30 years anniversary !
February 3, 2018

''The Lilliput Caravan Club of New Zealand is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the iconic Lilliput Caravans which were manufactured in Auckland from the early sixties through to the late seventies.

The Lilliput Caravan Club of New Zealand is a single national organisation with members spread from Kerikeri in the north to Wellington and one member in Mosgiel in the south. Ownership of a Lilliput is a prerequisite to full membership. A National Rally is held annually in February usually in a central North Island location. However many members like to get together more frequently and over the years they have gravitated into regional groups, each group organising their own calendar of rallies within their regions. The northern group draws it’s followers generally from north of the Napier / New Plymouth line and holds eight monthly rallies each year omitting the months of January, June, July and August. ''

Over Waitangi weekend 2018 the Club is celebrating the 30 years anniversary. The Club decided to celebrate in the place where they become a formation and over 50 Lilliput caravans gathered for the event at Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort.

A lot of work, travelling and research done by Rob Carthew turned in a great book printed for this special celebration. History, photos and stories of these caravans manufactured in New Zealand came to life for avid readers and Lilliput`s fans. The book can be purchased from Taupo Museum. 

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