Get prepared for a 100% successful camping holiday

Get prepared for a 100% successful camping holiday
January 25, 2019

In New Zealand, camping could be the best summer holiday fun with your family and friends. Pitch a tent or park the campervan at a camping ground, enjoy a terrific time that is close to natural surroundings, get yourself immersed in the wilderness and create some incredible memories.

Getting well-prepared for the camping trip will make a big difference to achieve the best experience.

Get 15% success by planning ahead

Having a well-thought-out plan in mind will make the trip 15% successful. Confirm whom you will camp with and check the weather forecast. If you need to hike a bit before getting to the campsite, make sure you have a map and are familiar with the route.

Get 30% success by packing the right clothing

Avoid 100% cotton underwear/thermal. 100% cotton fabric tends to absorb and retain the body moisture, taking away body heat when moisture vaporizes. Material such as wool or polypropylene will keep you warm and allow your body to breathe at the same time.

Pack some extra layers to keep warm and a rain jacket for unexpecting weather. In New Zealand, the weather changes a lot. There could be a very chilly night or morning on a sunny summer day, or a couple of showers even if the weather forecast says “no rain”. It is always worthy to pack some extra clothes and a jacket. A waterproof and windproof fleece is highly recommended.

Suitable footwear is essential too. Soft socks and a nice pair of hiking boots reduce the chance of getting sore feet and blisters.

Get 45% success by ticking off the accessories checklist

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip, you may want to tick off this checklist below carefully.

  • Sunscreen and hat to prevent getting sunburn

  • Professional hiking backpack with large capacity and comfortable straps for shoulders

  • Torch and headlight to ensure the safety in darkness.

  • Walking poles

  • Water Bottle

Get 60% success by getting the kitchen sorted

Some delicious meals will make the camping trip flow with happiness. If you camp at sites without kitchen utilities, a gas stove, a set of pans and cutlery are necessary. These would be good enough to set up a simple kitchen, allowing you to cook and serve in the wild.

Get 75% success by treating yourself to a sound sleep

Nothing is better than having a good sleep after a whole day of travelling. A good tent will be a home away from home offering shelter and warmth.  A camping mattress helps to block the coldness and moisture from the ground toward your body. A fluffy sleeping bag keeps the heat around your body, offering a pleasant sleep.

Get 100% success by respecting nature

To reach the 100% mark, be ready to be a tidy camper. Always put your rubbish in proper bins or take them away with you, leaving the campsite as clean as you first came and minimizing the threat to wildlife. Also, try to limit your chemical impact by taking care when using detergent, soap and toothpaste as it can harm aquatic and marine life.


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