Taupo Activities

Taupo is a great base to explore the central North Island and there are plenty of activities on offer to suit everyone. Whether you want to throw yourself off a bridge attached to a rubber band, carve up fresh powder on the ski-fields or simply go for a walk, we will be able to help you find your perfect activity.

We group activities so you can easily find those that you'll enjoy most. Better yet, you can choose those you want to do and send it to us and we'll sort everything out for you at no extra cost.

Take a look at our Layer-capable Activities Maps below for more great things to keep you busy in Taupo.

Free Activities

A wide range of free, fun acitivities on offer makes Great Lake Taupo the perfect place for a holiday!

Taupo Golf

The Central North Island offers many options for a round of golf. Enjoy the crisp, fresh air of the plateau, taking in stunning geothermal landscapes.

Huka Falls Jet

If you are looking for a true New Zealand adventure, the Lake Taupo region has more than enough to keep you biting your nails and very busy. You can find an exhilarating activity behind every corner.

Huka Honey Hive

A fresh lake to jump into, ducks and black swans to feed, the coolest warm water playground to splash around in, what more can a child on holiday need?

Lake Taupo Volcanic Zone

Are you planning a family holiday in the Taupo thermal region? Wow, are you in for a treat! Whether you are looking for thrilling adventure, or just a relaxing retreat to unwind, you couldn't choose a better region to visit than this unique thermal oasis.

The Lake Taupo region is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone and Thermal Explorer Highway. There are many ways to explore our local thermal wonders, find some of our favourites below.

Taupō Winter Holiday Fun

The Taupō Region is one of New Zealand's favourite winter playgrounds, not only do we have the great ski fields, Whakapapa and Turoa, right on our doorstep there's also plenty to do off the mountains.

Taupo Trout Fishing

The Taupo area provides a great range of river and lake fishing all year round, and attracts anglers from all around the world seeking to test their skills against its wild rainbow and brown trout.

Walking Group on Tongariro

The Taupo region offers some of the most beautiful walks in the world. Enjoy a range of walks for all ages and fitness levels, across many different types of terrain.

Family Activities

The Central North Island is a fantastic playground for family fun activities all year round, and Taupo Debretts Spa Resort is a great place to base your holiday.