Greast fun on the waterslides at Taupo DeBretts


If you think your holiday can't get any better, there's more at Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs. The giant dragon slide and two curved racing slides! Make a splash! All of our hydroslides use natural warm water to keep you sliding, which means they're a great activity no matter the season.

For your safety, kids of all ages must be no less than 1.2 metres in height and our slides have a 90 kg maximum weight restriction. If you have any questions about riding our hydroslides, please feel free to ask any of our friendly staff. There is an extra cost for riding the slides, check the prices page for details.

The Iconic Dragon Slide

Our iconic Dragon Slide is a four story high open hydroslide that's great fun for the whole family! See how fast you can go and zoom down the dragon, slide your way around the corners and splash out of the dragon's giant mouth into a pool of warm water.

Blue Crush and Gold Rush Racing Hydroslides

These two state of the art racing hydroslides start side-by-side allowing you to race your friends and family to the bottom. They're designed to give you an extremely smooth fast and exciting ride that will keep you climbing the stairs again and again (a great way to tire out the kids!).

Blue Crush is a translucent hydroslide that allows you to see the light flashing past as you whiz to the bottom. People on the outside can keep track of your speed as well!

Are you brave enough to ride the Gold Rush? Once the light goes green the first time you go down this slide you won't know what's coming next! The dark interior gives you no warning of when the twists and turns are coming up, which makes it even more exciting.

Both slides end with a splash in a shallow speed trap that's designed to slow you down safely. There's only one way to find out who's the fastest, step up to the entrance and wait for the green light!

Watch the construction of these slides in our timelapse video | Take a ride down Blue Crush!

Take break from the hydroslides in the Springs warm-water interactive playground! It offers big thrills for the little ones! It’s time to really get wet as you climb through tunnels of gushing warm water and over streaming jets. Turn the Big Wheel to give your friends a big blast. The water pop-ups and a giant mushroom shower will keep the kids entertained for hours. And you'll have peace of mind letting them play on the rubber matted play floor.