What would you like to see at Taupo DeBretts?

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

Now here's the good news, we're working on all of these at the moment!

The bouncing pillow has been installed and is a huge hit with the kids (and those adults who venture on with them).

We've already got many of the accommodation units fitted with geothermal heating and are working on the rest. We're also putting this in the communal kitchen and lounge and in the changes rooms down at the pools. This means European style heating with radiators that won't cost the environment.

The tipping bucket has been installed and is proving very popular on these gorgeous summer days, and we're currently reviewing options for new hydroslides.

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Kids bouncing pillow
45% (140 votes)
Geothermal accommodation heating
12% (38 votes)
Tipping bucket
6% (18 votes)
Racing slide
37% (116 votes)
Total votes: 312