Taupo DeBretts Hot Pools Webcam

See what the Taupo weather is like and what's going on down at Taupo DeBretts hot pools from our live poolside webcam. This view shows our visitors enjoying bathing in one of our cooler mineral pools, why not come and join them?

Hot water fountain

Two large outdoor naturally fed mineral hot pools at different temperatures for your comfort. Bathe away every care in the world in the healing mineral waters surrounded by waterfalls and lush landscaping. Relax and unwind in the pools with air loungers, water curtains and massage seats.

Fun in the warm water playground!

It’s time to really get wet as you climb through tunnels of gushing warm water and over streaming jets. Turn the Big Wheel to give your friends a big blast. The water pop-ups and a giant mushroom shower will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Couple relaxing in private pool

Crystal clear and all natural, the private mineral pools at Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs are a legendary attraction in the Taupo region. With 12 private pools to choose from varying in temperature it’s easy to slip into the soothing hot water and feel your worries wash away.

The Hydroslides at Taupo DeBretts Hot Pools

If you think your holiday can't get any better, there's more at Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs. The thrilling giant dragon slide! Right next to the interactive water playground, you can zoom down the 4 story high Jurassic Dragon head and land in a nice pool of warm water. Or races your mates


We offer a range of passes to the pools for single days for those of you making a day of it, five days if you're on holiday here and for our locals quarterly, biannual and annual membership passes.

The fresh water pool and the two spas (or jacuzzis as they are also known) sit alongside the natural mineral pools and allow you to cool off after relaxing in the hot pools.